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Prof. Fuquan Song

Zhejiang Ocean University

Research Area:Development of Oil and Gas

Prof. Fuquan Song main research field for Marine oil and gas development technology, unconventional reservoirs (low permeability reservoirs, tight reservoir, shale gas reservoir) seepage mechanism and improve oil recovery technology and micro flow theory and experimental research. In recent years, successively presided over the three national nature fund projects, participate in the key project of national nature fund, national 973 projects, research projects, such as national major projects, and successively, jiangsu oilfield and shengli oilfield and other units to develop the scientific research cooperation. At home and abroad journals published more than 50 papers, in the domestic made studies on the mechanism of low permeability reservoir seepage characteristic.


A.Prof. Penghui Zhang

Hohai University

Research Area: Petroleum geology, sedimentology, marine geology

Penghui zhang, an associate professor at the main research areas for Marine oil and gas geology, unconventional oil and gas, shale gas, tight gas, tight oil, natural gas hydrates) accumulation and geological evaluation, Marine sedimentary geology, polar Marine geology, etc. In recent years, he has successively presided over the five national natural fund project, participated in the national Marine on special project, national natural science foundation projects, much starker choices-and graver consequences-in national major projects, and so on. 


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Conference DateMarch 29- 31, 2019

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